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Monday, January 7, 2013

i'm the survivor!

have you ever imagined that someday,somewhere and sometime..you'll be alone..no one who concerns on you..nobody takes care of you..ahh!but i experienced that..not the first time..but it  happened frequently..and yet..it is still happened..and of course..it's haunting me..

i wish i will be strong enough to survive right now..i really need someone to rely on..but..this sad story is mine.. no one can pay their attention to listen to my story..yes..my sad story..and so do I..i am trying to smile in front of the other..but sometime i can't..it is really hard to pretend that you are soooo happy and keep smiling.. but deep in your heart?it's not!

walking alone on the street..talking like no one who want to listen to..doing everything by your own..it sounds weird!but..sometime..it  really happened to me..owh!i'm crying deep inside='(

but..i am sooooo grateful to be here..INTEC..a great place-to-be..having a new semester..with a new class..new friends and new lecturers..i hope it gonna be the best thing in my life..i hope so..=')
and for sure..thanks god..He gave me  good friends and nice roommates for me to rely on...tq sarah and norlin for being a good,nice and gorgeous roommates ever!they help me a lot..and umi..nice to know you...you're sooo strong..i don't feel that i gonna be the same like you do..i keep trying!insyaAllah..=)
MASHITAH!you are stronger than you think!life must go on!don't forget to believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do..


  1. insyaAllah aok boley,,aok lebey kuat dari yg aok sangkakan,,gambatte ne,,teruskan usaha wahai sahabat,,

  2. Why so suddenly? Whatever it is, Always remember that Allah will always be with those who are patient! you have your family, and friends of course.. =) Well this is life i guess... Stay Strong!

  3. mashi are you having a problem??
    im here to listen =)

  4. puan seri mashitah....im here...awk rndu sya ea??